Below is the amazing line-up we had planned for 2020. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, we have had to postpone the inaugural festival to 2021, but we will bring you as many of these authors as we can in 2021 and more, so stay tuned...
tim ayliffe.jpg
Tim Ayliffe

Author of:  State Of Fear, The Greater Good

Ber Carroll

Author of:  Who We Are, The Missing Pieces Of Sophie McCarthy, Once Lost, and more...

sandie docker.jpg
Sandie Docker

Author of:  The Banksia Bay Beach Shack, The Cottage At Rosella Cove, The Kookaburra Creek Cafe

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Cassie Hamer

Author of:  The End Of Cuthbert Close, After The Party

Anthea Hodgson Headshot.jpg
Anthea Hodgson

Author of:  The Cowgirl, The Drifter

rachael johns head shot.jpeg
Rachael Johns

Author of:  Just One Wish, Something To Talk About, Lost Without You, and more...

Vanessa McCausland author image.jpg
Vanessa McCausland

Author of:  The Lost Summers Of Driftwood

nicola moriarty.jpg
Nicola Moriarty

Author of:  The Ex, Those Other Women, The Fifth Letter, and more...

michael robotham.jpg
Michael Robotham

Author of:  When She Was Good, Good Girl Bad Girl, The Other Wife, and more...

Christian White Headshot.JPG
Christian White

Author of:  The Wife And The Widow, The Nowhere Child

Tabitha Bird

Author of:  A Lifetime Of Impossible Days

Lauren Chater.jpg
Lauren Chater

Author of:  Gulliver's Wife, The Lace Weaver

Kate Forsyth-close-up.jpg
Kate Forsyth

Author of:  The Blue Rose, Beauty In Thorns, The Beast's Garden, and more...

chris Hammer.jpg
Chris Hammer

Author of:  Silver, Scrublands, and more...

Lisa Ireland HI RES28.jpg
Lisa Ireland

Author of:  The Secret Life Of Shirley Sullivan, The Art Of Friendship, The Shape of Us, and more...

Maya Linnell .jpg
Maya Linnell

Author of:  Bottlebrush Creek, Wildflower Ridge

Petronella McGovern 4, credit Giles Park
Petronella McGovern

Author of:  Six Minutes

Joanna Nell

Author of:  The Last Voyage Of Mrs Henry Parker, The Single Ladies Of The Jacaranda Retirement Village

Tricia Stringer headshot.jpg
Tricia Stringer

Author of:  The Model Wife, Table For Eight, Something In The Wine, and more...

Tania Blanchard

Author of:  The Girl From Munich, Suitcase Of Dreams

Jessica Dettmann

Author of:  How To Be Second Best

Candice Fox.jpg
Candice Fox

Author of:  Gone By Midnight, The Inn, Crimson Lake, and more...

Sally Hepworth.jpeg
Sally Hepworth

Author of:  The Mother In Law, The Family Next Door, The Mother's Promise, and more...

Penelope Janu author.jpg
Penelope Janu

Author of:  Up On Horseshoe Hill, In At The Deep End, On The Right Track, and more...

Emily Madden

Author of:  Heart Of The Cross, The Lost Pearl, Summers With Juliette

Felicity McLean

Author of:  The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone

mary ann oconnor.png
Mary-Anne O'Connor

Author of:  Where Fortune Lies, In A Great Southern Land, War Flower, and more...

kerri turner.jpeg
Kerri Turner

Author of:  The Daughter Of Victory Lights, The Last Days Of the Romanov Dancers

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