Below was the amazing line-up for 2021, though COVID has scuttled this year's festival. We have already started planning for 2022, and depending on author availability, we hope to bring you many of these authors next year. So keep your eyes  open for our 2022 line up.
Belinda Alexandra

Author of:  The Mystery Woman, Silver Wattle, Tuscan Rose, and more...

Ber Carroll

Author of:  You Had It Coming, Who We Are, The Missing Pieces Of Sophie McCarthy, and more...

sandie docker.jpg
Sandie Docker

Author of:  The Wattle Island Book Club,The Banksia Bay Beach Shack, The Cottage At Rosella Cove and more...

Sulari Headshot.JPG
Sulari Gentill

Author of:  The Prodigal Son, A Few Right Thinking Men, A Decline In Prophets, and more...

Amanda Hampson

Author of:  Lovebirds, Sixty Summers, The Yellow Villa and more...

Malcolm Knox 5 small (photographer credi
Malcolm Knox

Author of:  Bluebird, The Wonder Lover, Jamaica and more...

Vanessa McCausland author image.jpg
Vanessa McCausland

Author of:  The Valley Of Lost Stories, The Lost Summers Of Driftwood

Joanna Nell

Author of:  The Great Escape From Woodlands Nursing Home, The Last Voyage Of Mrs Henry Parker and more...

michael robotham.jpg
Michael Robotham

Author of:  When She Was Good, Good Girl Bad Girl, The Other Wife, and more...

Holly Wainwright

Author of:  I Give My Marriage A Year, How To Be Perfect, The Mummy Bloggers

tim ayliffe.jpg
Tim Ayliffe

Author of:  The Enemy Within, State Of Fear, The Greater Good

Lauren Chater

Author of:  Gulliver's Wife, The Lace Weaver

Kate Forsyth-close-up.jpg
Kate Forsyth

Author of:  The Blue Rose, Beauty In Thorns, The Beast's Garden, and more...

profile one.JPG
Cassie Hamer

Author of:  The End Of Cuthbert Close, After The Party

Pamela Hart Author Photo (1).png
Pamela Hart

Author of:  Digging Up Dirt, The Charleston Scandal, The Desert Nurse and more...

karly lane.jpg
Karly Lane

Author of:  Take Me Home, Fool Me Once, Something Like This, and more...

Petronella McGovern 4, credit Giles Park
Petronella McGovern

Author of:  The Good Teacher, Six Minutes

Judy Nunn.jpg
Judy Nunn

Author of:  Khaki Town, Spirit Of The Ghan, Elaine and more...

Annie Seaton

Author of:  Hidden Valley, Whitsunday Dawn, Undara, and more...

Tania Blanchard

Author of:  Letters From Berlin, The Girl From Munich, Suitcase Of Dreams

Jess Dettmann.JPG
Jessica Dettmann

Author of:  This Has Been Absolutely Lovely, How To Be Second Best

Candice Fox (c) Michael Windle.jpg
Candice Fox

Author of:  The Chase, Gone By Midnight, The Inn, and more...

Chris Hammer 2.jpg
Chris Hammer

Author of:  Trust, Silver, Scrublands, and more...

Penelope Janu author.jpg
Penelope Janu

Author of:  Starting From Scratch, Up On Horseshoe Hill, In At The Deep End, and more...

Emily Madden

Author of:  The Buchanan Girls, Heart Of The Cross, The Lost Pearl, and more...

nicola moriarty.jpg
Nicola Moriarty

Author of:  You Need To Know, The Ex, Those Other Women, and more...

mary ann oconnor.png
Mary-Anne O'Connor

Author of:  Sisters Of Freedom, Where Fortune Lies, In A Great Southern Land, and more...

Benjamin Stevenson_CopyrightMonicaPronk.
Benjamin Stevenson

Author of:  Either Side Of Midnight, She Lies In The Vines, Greenlight

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