Below is the amazing line-up for 2021. We can't wait to bring these fabulous Australian authors to you at
the Northern Beaches Readers Festival
Belinda Alexandra

Author of:  The Mystery Woman, Silver Wattle, Tuscan Rose, and more...

Ber Carroll

Author of:  You Had It Coming, Who We Are, The Missing Pieces Of Sophie McCarthy, and more...

sandie docker.jpg
Sandie Docker

Author of:  The Wattle Island Book Club,The Banksia Bay Beach Shack, The Cottage At Rosella Cove and more...

Sulari Headshot.JPG
Sulari Gentill

Author of:  The Prodigal Son, A Few Right Thinking Men, A Decline In Prophets, and more...

Amanda Hampson

Author of:  Lovebirds, Sixty Summers, The Yellow Villa and more...

Malcolm Knox 5 small (photographer credi
Malcolm Knox

Author of:  Bluebird, The Wonder Lover, Jamaica and more...

Vanessa McCausland author image.jpg
Vanessa McCausland

Author of:  The Valley Of Lost Stories, The Lost Summers Of Driftwood

Joanna Nell

Author of:  The Great Escape From Woodlands Nursing Home, The Last Voyage Of Mrs Henry Parker and more...

michael robotham.jpg
Michael Robotham

Author of:  When She Was Good, Good Girl Bad Girl, The Other Wife, and more...

Holly Wainwright

Author of:  I Give My Marriage A Year, How To Be Perfect, The Mummy Bloggers

tim ayliffe.jpg
Tim Ayliffe

Author of:  The Enemy Within, State Of Fear, The Greater Good

Lauren Chater

Author of:  Gulliver's Wife, The Lace Weaver

Kate Forsyth-close-up.jpg
Kate Forsyth

Author of:  The Blue Rose, Beauty In Thorns, The Beast's Garden, and more...

profile one.JPG
Cassie Hamer

Author of:  The End Of Cuthbert Close, After The Party

Pamela Hart Author Photo (1).png
Pamela Hart

Author of:  Digging Up Dirt, The Charleston Scandal, The Desert Nurse and more...

karly lane.jpg
Karly Lane

Author of:  Take Me Home, Fool Me Once, Something Like This, and more...

Petronella McGovern 4, credit Giles Park
Petronella McGovern

Author of:  The Good Teacher, Six Minutes

Judy Nunn.jpg
Judy Nunn

Author of:  Khaki Town, Spirit Of The Ghan, Elaine and more...

Annie Seaton

Author of:  Hidden Valley, Whitsunday Dawn, Undara, and more...

Tania Blanchard

Author of:  Letters From Berlin, The Girl From Munich, Suitcase Of Dreams

Jess Dettmann.JPG
Jessica Dettmann

Author of:  This Has Been Absolutely Lovely, How To Be Second Best

Candice Fox (c) Michael Windle.jpg
Candice Fox

Author of:  The Chase, Gone By Midnight, The Inn, and more...

Chris Hammer 2.jpg
Chris Hammer

Author of:  Trust, Silver, Scrublands, and more...

Penelope Janu author.jpg
Penelope Janu

Author of:  Starting From Scratch, Up On Horseshoe Hill, In At The Deep End, and more...

Emily Madden

Author of:  The Buchanan Girls, Heart Of The Cross, The Lost Pearl, and more...

nicola moriarty.jpg
Nicola Moriarty

Author of:  You Need To Know, The Ex, Those Other Women, and more...

mary ann oconnor.png
Mary-Anne O'Connor

Author of:  Sisters Of Freedom, Where Fortune Lies, In A Great Southern Land, and more...

Benjamin Stevenson_CopyrightMonicaPronk.
Benjamin Stevenson

Author of:  Either Side Of Midnight, She Lies In The Vines, Greenlight

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