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We are very excited to bring you this fabulous line up for 2024! Make sure you're signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know which sessions they'll be appearing in. 
And if you want to find out more about the authors, click on their profile picture to be taken to their website.
Amal Awad.jpg
Amal Awad

Author of :  Bitter & Sweet, The Things We See In The Light, and more...

Julie Bennett Photo.png
Julie Bennett

Author of :  The Lost Letters of Rose Carey, and The Understudy...

Tea_Cooper Author.jpeg
Tea Cooper

Author of : The Talented Mrs Greenaway, The Butterfly Collector, and more...

Winnie Dunn.jpg
Winnie Dunn

Author of :  Dirt Poor Islanders

Kate Forsyth

Author of :  Psykhe, The Crimson Thread, and more...

Madeleine Gray.png
Madeleine Gray

Author of :  Green Dot

Amanda Hampson.jpeg
Amanda Hampson

Author of :  The Cryptic Clue, The Tea Ladies and more...

Amy Hutton head shot.png
Amy Hutton

Author of :  Love From Scratch, and Sit Stay Love.

Ashley Kalagian Blunt.jpg
Ashleigh Kalagian Blunt

Author of :  Dark Mode, and more...

Amy Lovat.JPG
Amy Lovat

Author of :  Mistakes And Other Lovers

Joanna Nell Low Res.jpg
Joanna Nell

Author of :  Mrs Winterbottom Takes A Gap Year, The Tea Ladies Of St Jude's Hospital, and more...

Abra Pressler.jpg
Abra Pressler

Author of :  Love And Other Scores, More, and more...

Hayley Scrivenor.jpg
Hayley Scrivenor

Author of :  Dirt Town

Kate SOlly.jpeg
Kate Solly

Author of :  Tuesday Evenings With The Copeton Craft Resistance 

Tricia Stringer.jpg
Tricia Stringer

Author of :  Head For The Hills, Back On Track, Keeping Up  Appearances, and more...

Darcy Tindale.jpg
Darcy Tindale

Author of :  The Fall Between

Kell Woods.jpeg
Kell Woods

Author of :  After The Forest

Tim Ayliffe.jpeg
Tim Ayliffe

Author of :  Killer Traitor Spy,  The Enemy Within, and more...

Michael Brissenden.jpg
Michael Brissenden

Author of :  Smoke, Dead Letters and more...

JO Dixon.jpg
Jo Dixon

Author of :  A Shadow At The Door, and The House Of Now And Then

Maxine Fawcett.jpeg
Maxine Fawcett

Author of :  Everything Is Perfect

Candice Fox.jpg
Candice Fox

Author of :  Devil's Kitchen, Fire With Fire, and more...

Emma Grey.jpg
Emma Grey

Author of :  The Last Love Note, and more...

Kelli Hawkins.jpg
Kelli Hawkins

Author of :  The Miller Women, Apartment 303, and more...

Julie Janson .jpg
Julie Janson

Author of :  Compassion, Benevolence, Madukka the River Serpent, and more...

Will Kostakis.jpg
Will Kostakis

Author of :  We Could Be Something, The Greatest Hits, and more...

Vanessa McCausland.jpg
Vanessa McCausland

Author of :  Dreaming In French, The Beautiful Words,  and more...

Alli Parker.jpg
Alli Parker

Author of :  At The Foot Of The Cherry Tree

Jo Riccioni.JPG
Jo Riccioni

Author of :  The Rising, The Branded, and more...

Saman Shad.jpg
Saman Shad

Author of :  The Matchmaker

Jessie Stephens.jpeg
Jessie Stephens

Author of :  Something Bad Is Going To Happen, and Heart Sick

Jane Tara.jpg
Jane Tara

Author of :  Tilda Is Visible

Claire van Ryn.JPG
Clare van Ryn

Author of :  The Secrets Of The Huon Wren

Sophie Beaumont.png
Sophie Beaumont

Author of :  The Paris Cooking School, and more as Sophie Masson...

shankari chandran.jpg
Shankari Chandran

Author of : Safe Haven, Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens and more...

sandie crop 2.jpg
Sandie Docker

Author of :  The Lyrebird Lake Ladies Choir, The Redgum River Retreat, and more...

Clare Fletcher.jpg
Clare Fletcher

Author of :  Love Match, and Five Bush Weddings

Sulari Gentill .jpg
Sulari Gentill

Author of :  The Mystery Writer, After She Wrote Him, The Woman In The Library, and more...

chris hammer.jpg
Chris Hammer

Author of :  The Seven, The Tilt, Treasure And Dirt, and more...

Jack Heath.jpg
Jack Heath

Author of :  Kill Your Husbands, Headcase, Kill Your Brother, and more...

pen janu.png
Penelope Janu

Author of :  Sunshine Through The Rain, Shelter From The Storm, and more...

Maya Linnell

Author of :  Wallaby Lane, Kookaburra Cottage, and more...

Karina May.jpg
Karina May

Author of :  Never Ever Forever, Duck a l'Orange For Breakfast, and more...

JP Pomare.JPG
JP Pomare

Author of :  The Wrong Woman, The Last Guests, and more...

Michael Robotham 2.JPG
Michael Robotham

Author of :  Lying Beside You, When You Are Mine,  and more...

Justin Smith.jpg
Justin Smith

Author of :  Good As Gold, and Cooper Not Out

Benjamin Stevenson_CopyrightMonicaPronk.jpg
Benjamin Stevenson

Author of :  Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect, Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone, and more...

Michael Thompson.jpg
Michael Thompson

Author of :  How To Be Remembered

Greg Woodland.jpeg
Greg Woodland

Author of :  The Carnival Is Over, and The Night Whistler

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